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Obiymy Doschu “Svitanok” 2010 (single)

Obiymy Doschu “Svitanok” cover art
  1. Ya i Ty
  2. Svitanok

Non-commercial distribution is allowed and even encouraged.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License.

Single created by

Volodymyr Agafonkinvocals, acoustic guitar
Oleksiy Katrukelectroguitar
Mykola Kryvonosbass guitar, acoustic guitar
Serhiy Dumlerdrums, percussion
Maria Kurbatovakeyboards
Olena Nesterovskaviola
Hanna Kryvonosvocals
Yana Shakirzhanovaviolin
Oleksandr Senkovychcello

Music and lyrics by Mykola Kryvonos.
Arrangements by Obiymy Doschu.
Design and photo by Volodymyr Agafonkin.

Recording by bp records, engineering and mastering by Oleksiy “Shaddar” Romanchenko on Blacklight Studio in Kyiv, Autumn 2010.

Released in December 10th 2010 online and on CDs (100 copies).

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You can contact us by e-mail: obiymydoschu at gmail dot com.

We're also available on our Facebook page.

Video created by

Idea, directing, writing, editing by Mykola Kryvonos.

Cast: Oleksiy Katruk, Mykola Kryvonos, Volodymyr Agafonkin, Hanna Kryvonos, Vasyl Zators'kiy, Serhiy Dumler, Maria Kurbatova, Olena Nesterovska.

Camera operators: Mykola Kryvonos, Oleksiy Katruk, Andriy Piddubnyak, Volodymyr Agafonkin.

Special thanks to Oleksandr Topilin and Svitlana Zators'ka.

© 2010 Obiymy Doschu, all rights reserved.